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Who are you compared to most?

I've been compared to the love child between John Hawkes and Willam H. Macy. Although I think I look much better in an evening gown than either one of them!



Hi - I'm Kohl Beck. I'm an actor, producer, lyricist, character model, avid theatre goer, intense Kayaker and fashionista (self-proclaimed).


I'm currently in the final stage of post-production on the Feature Film “Eleanor” and am in pre-production for a new feature film, “All Mobbed Up”.  Funnily enough, I spend half my screen time on each of these films dressed in drag.  Two completely unrelated projects.  Talk about random!  I guess I can officially add drag queen to that list as well now.  :-)


This shouldn't come as much of a surprise since I worked at Hollywood's “La Cage aux Folles” for five years.  While I was working there, I was offered my first feature film role in “Celestial Rhapsody” because of my unique ability to act well while parading around in four inch heels. I joined the Screen Actors Guild, and accepted the role of a small town transvestite florist. I then went on to perform in several theatre productions (having previously studied theatre at Chapman University) including a six month run of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” before strapping up my heels and high kicking it to Manhattan.


It was about this same time that I began writing poetry! I was published in several books and went on to win a few writing contests before my poetry transitioned into writing lyrics.  Collaborating with a couple music composers in New York, I won several music writing awards including “The Annual Billboard World Song Contest”, “Dance Song of the Year – sponsor of VH1 Save the Music Contest” and the “Cooch Music’s Annual Songwriting Contest.'


I found some artistic fulfillment in music writing but it was never as satisfying as acting, so I decided to return to what I love most.  I’ve appeared on TV and films alongside such actors as Sarah Jessica Parker, Christopher Meloni, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Steve Buscemi, Artie Pasquale and Russell Brand to name a few. 


I started my own production company, Open Factory and produced and starred in my first short film WE REMEMBER with Artie Pasquale (The Sopranos), directed by indie film veteran John Gallagher.  It was shown in 37 film festivals, won 17 awards in which I received 5 Best Actor awards.


If you want to know more about my acting credits, check out my IMDB page.



I've much more to share with you than just my acting so please follow me on Instagram: @Kohl_Beck,

FaceBook: Kohl Beck and my Production Company's website:







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