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Open Factory is an independent production company committed to bringing innovative and compelling stories to the screen that not only entertain but inspire, uplift and enlighten our audiences.


There's no greater tool as an artist than to understand and embrace the collaborative seed of filmmaking.  In a culture that tends to focus on "self'", OPEN FACTORY was the brainchild of something looking to accomplish much more by purposefully seeking out fellow Artists to align with.  It was about finding a synergy amongst filmmakers in hopes of creating meaningful content that could not only empower ourselves but more importantly our audiences.


Our goal has been to find those creative sparks and nurture the fire to grow and grow amongst our community of Actors, Writers and Directors.  Our platform is one that encourages and welcomes the inclusion of other Artists with a voice waiting to be heard. We actively seek projects to develop, with a focus on content that speaks of a social relevance and one that inspires others to do the same.



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